A Valentine to You, Dear Woman, Dear Friend

by Julie on February 14, 2010 · 6 comments



A Year of Great Promise, (C) Shiloh Sophia McCloud

There is a Hassidic saying which goes: “When the moon shall shine as bright as the sun, the Messiah will come.”

Woman through her struggle to understand herself and to articulate the highest values of the feminine principle, could begin to make the moon shine so that it softens the sun-brightness of our present consciousness. In accepting her depression, her suffering, her loneliness, her longing to outgrow the inarticulateness and powerlessness of her past existence, she may accomplish something truly heroic and extraordinary for life, something which humanity in centuries to come will recognise and cherish. Each woman who gives birth to herself and responds to what life is asking her to accomplish, contributes to the survival of our species and the diminishment of human suffering.

~Anne Baring


Over the past week, I have written about despair and grief, emotions that are far from the flowers and chocolates of Valentine’s Day. And, many of my friends are experiencing a depth of emotion, similar to what I have written.

Deep emotions are part of our experience as women – and, perhaps, it is becoming so every day that passes. Why so, you ask?

As Anne Baring writes on her site, at this time in history, women are birthing a new kind of consciousness. They are vessels for the shift that is occurring

Women share a different kind of love, one that isn’t always reflected out there in the culture. When you know, and feel, this love, it changes your life. May you always know this love is here, as a deep well to draw from, especially in times when you are polishing the moon within you.


So, this is a valentine to you, dear woman, dear friend.

May you know the beauty of your own soul.

May you give birth to the radiant You that has been there all along guiding you to this day.

May you trust in Her voice as she calls you to listen to your own deepest wisdom.

May you come to know that you are part of a long history of women who love life and will do anything to nourish and encourage its growth and emergence.

May you see yourself as a Mother, through and through, whether or not you have ever given birth to babies, and may you call forth this Ancient Motherhood within, to love yourself wholly and deeply, first, so you have the energy and strength to share your love with others.

May you always shower yourself with love and compassion, trusting that you are wholly, and holy, female, just as you are.


Image courtesy of Shiloh Sophia McCloud. Her paintings are remarkable, as is her work in the world.

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Shawna Cevraini February 14, 2010 at 9:45 am

“May you know the beauty of your own soul” – this phrase has brought me to tears Julie.

So many of us have such a hard time with this. So many. I have struggled with this myself and only in the past year have I begun to understand that I am beautiful because I am ME.

I want my daughter not to have this struggle. I want all of our daughters, mothers, sisters, girlfriends, grand-daughters, ALL of them, to know this beauty.

Thank you for this blog, it has helped so many, including me – you are an angel

emma February 14, 2010 at 12:27 pm

I wish the same for you, my friend. I cannot say it better or more completely than you already have, so I’ll just say “ditto.”

Kathy February 14, 2010 at 2:54 pm

Oh I just love synchronicity, all wrapped up in a Valentine’s message no less. I just put up a blog post of my own with a theme of birthing. It is present, this essence of birthing, on this new moon and Lunar New Year.

Thank you for this gift of blessing and love, of comfort and compassion.

I have to laugh, I read “polishing the moon” as “pushing the moon.”

Love to you Julie

Kristen @ Motherese February 15, 2010 at 11:36 am

This prayer is one I struggle to make real each and everyday, but it warms my heart to hear the beautiful words with which you invoke it: “may you call forth this Ancient Motherhood within, to love yourself wholly and deeply, first, so you have the energy and strength to share your love with others.”

Thank you for these loving wishes today, Julie.

whollyjeanne February 17, 2010 at 7:10 pm

now this is just about the best valentine ever. ever, i tell you.

wholly jeanne February 13, 2011 at 6:05 pm

“May you know the beauty of your own soul.” and “May you trust in Her voice as she calls you to listen to your own deepest wisdom.” are the sentences that make my heart smile this year.

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