Your Personal Creativity Journey

The Personal Creativity Journey is not about art – it’s about how you are an organically, naturally creative being, how creativity is your nature, and when you access this nature you are more yourself, and more peaceful, joyful, vulnerable, congruent, and successful.

Adapted from the highly successful Creativity in Business course from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, this course is deeply transformational and profoundly practical.

Just imagine you…

  • know and trust in something wise and vast within you that guides you as you step into the unknown.
  • understand your own unique creative process and how to enter into it, willingly, even with resistance, again and again.
  • have proven powerful and practical ways to deal with stress and fear, resistance, self-judgment and self-criticism.
  • have the ability to see with your heart and create nourishing and healthy relationships.
  • feel a part of something far greater than anything you individually could ever imagine.
  • know and respect that failure is just as much a part of living as success.

If these were true,

  • How would your life be different?
  • Who would you be?
  • How might you move differently in your life?
  • What choices would you make that you aren’t making now?


I have just finished the Personal Creativity Journey with Julie and received much more from the experience than I could have imagined.  I made significant changes in my life during our time together as I became able to see with clarity what I was really needing and wanting. These changes have led me to new and wonderful experiences – I wouldn’t go back for anything!   Julie prompted my thinking and feeling with interesting and provocative questions which invited me to more fully participate in the direction of my own life, and to realize that what I need in order to fully express my Self is within and available. The exercises between our coaching sessions were stimulating and kept me engaged. 

I  am deeply grateful for Julie’s amazing and skillful coaching on the Personal Creativity Journey – I will continue on this Journey with appreciation. ~ Carola Barton


Is this you?

  • You are an entrepreneur who loves what you are here to do and is uncomfortable with the creative/innovative nature of the entrepreneurial way of work and life.
  • You work in the corporate or non-profit world, and want to know more about creative and innovation, and how to lead others in this way as well.
  • You are facing a life challenge or transition point such as job or relationship loss, new relationship or job, death of a loved one.
  • You are at a point in your life where you realize you must make a change in how you live, how you are with others, how you interact with life.
  • You have a deep, instinctive yearning to know who you are.
  • The description of this journey calls to you, in a deep way, yet you don’t know why.


On the Personal Creativity Journey, we navigate YOUR journey of change using four wise tools and six elemental life challenges.

Over eleven weeks, through the deep landscape of your creative process, your journey weaves these elements together to help you navigate the terrain of your life, both personal and professional:

  • one-on-one coaching
  • time-proven curriculum (we’re talking Stanford University Graduate School of Business)
  • two books on applied creativity
  • multiple experiential exercises
  • guided visualizations
  • practices for everyday life
  • and more
Each week we’ll cover a different topic and you’ll have coaching to deepen your learning and help you take action on your focus areas. Weekly curriculum topics are:
  1. Have Faith in your Personal Creativity
  2. Relax your Voice of Judgment
  3. Keen Observation to the World Around You
  4. Ask Powerful Questions
  5. Purpose and Vision
  6. Time and Stress
  7. Relationships
  8. Balance
  9. Prosperity and Self-Worth
  10. Sharing your Creativity with the World

Originally developed by Michael Ray and Rochelle Myers, this course has been the transformational vessel for many Silicon Valley visionaries and entrepreneurs, including Jim Collins, author of ‘Good to Great’.

Three reasons this course is highly transformational and successful in liberating one’s personal creativity (not the only three, but three pretty great ones):

  1. The meat of the course is formed from highly experiential and deeply probing and energizing exercises covering many different modalities to ensure all learning types benefit.
  2. Perspectives shift, mindsets change and new habits are created by way of the four powerful tools, six challengs, and the ‘Live-withs’ (heuristics) used to bring them to life
  3. Lasting change happens over time, which is supported by the 11-week duration.


Time commitment:

This journey offers many ways of learning and integrating the work. The reading and exercises are varied and you can decide what works for you. Our calls together are weekly for 50-minutes, for eleven (11) weeks. The practices, or heuristics, are done in the context of your daily life, both professional and personal, so this in-context learning takes no extra time.



$2,200.00 – Payment plans are available.


A little about me and my experience with this work:

I’ve been teaching and coaching this work since 2003. I’ve worked with corporations, non-profits, 9/11 family members, students at Stanford, and individuals. I’ve seen time and time again how this material, along with deep transformational coaching, brings out one’s values, qualities of essence, creativity, innovative nature, open heart, and powerful leadership capabilities.

You can read more about me, as well as other rave reviews.


I’d love to talk with you to see if coaching with me feels right.

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