Becoming a Force of Nature

Embodied Creativity for Women Who Want to Lead, Love, & Live From Within

Do you long to step off in the face of the unknown knowing you always have what you need to thrive? 

Do you hunger to know that who and what you are as a woman, is sacred, worthy of dignity, and powerful beyond measure?

If so, join me for this potent, provocative, and highly practical 24-week deep dive into your creative process and feminine nature; a mix of Stanford University curriculum and Sacred Feminine wisdom.

I’ve been teaching this curriculum for 11 years and have adapted the powerful Stanford course specifically for women to help us balance within the masculine and feminine, so we can be who we are and bring that wholly into the world.

Registration opens in Spring of 2014 for the next round of Becoming a Force of Nature. I’d love for you to join us! Sign-up to be notified when it opens.




Do you yearn for the very real experience of Belonging?

Have you tried to “belong” in the past only to find somehow you lost sight of YOU?


Take a moment to imagine:

  • you belong, right here, deeply and satisfyingly.
  • you belong without having to do anything to earn it, that it is not about being pleasing, deserving, or good enough …
  • you know you are valuable and worthy wherever you are.
  • you feel welcomed and at home with other women.
  • belonging is about being intimately and intricately connected to others and to life.
  • this experience of belonging changes everything about how you see and live life.

Do you yearn for this very real experience of belonging?

If so, this journey is for you.


WildSoul Book Club


Lianne Raymond + Julie Daley + Life-changing books = WildSoul Book Club

The WildSoul Book Club weaves together the best of a women’s group, a traditional book club and a deeply fulfilling personal development course.

Here’s what it includes:

  • Weekly suggested reading along with journal prompts related to that reading.
  • A minimum of two other practices weekly including writing exercises, dream appreciation, guided contemplations, movement practices.
  • Audio recordings of our favourite stories from the book.
  • Examples of our own processes with the practices and journalling.
  • Access to the private course website and conversation forum (where we will be participants alongside you).
  • 90 minute live calls every 3 weeks with Julie and Lianne for deeper conversation and questions.
  • Our experience and wisdom in dancing with all of the above.

WildSoul Book Club is a journey into feminine wisdom and mystery.

Registration is currently closed. If you’d like to receive information for future book club sessions, please sign-up here.