Writing Raw: we begin March 14th

Take a moment to imagine…

…a creative cauldron where symbols, images, dreams, feelings, and sensations await your open-hearted receptivity so they can come through you into this world.

You are here to ‘write’ this mysterious realm into existence.

Something really beautiful happens when you bring the wordless into words. Your words become laced with soul, vessels for the ancient mother tongue.

In Writing Raw, we turn to go within and then write and read aloud what Spring2017single callwe discover. We do it in a circle of women where there is no critiquing, no judging, no advice-giving. There is only sharing and acknowledgment, and by doing this we learn to speak and acknowledge ourselves with compassion.

In this Spring, 2017 circle, we will focus on Eros & Joy.

You can experience a single session of Writing Raw on Saturday, March 4th from 9:00 to 10:00 am, pst. Register here for the single session and find out more about Writing Raw here.