How to Enter the Creative Unknown

begins Dec. 1st…



Are you an innovator, artist, writer, or designer who struggles with trusting your own creative process?

Do you find yourself mystified by the creative process?

When faced with life challenges, do you back-off, get stuck, or self-sabotage when you don’t know how to proceed?

Are you a change agent who would love to know practical and creative ways to engage with the change process?

Are you someone willing to dive into a new way to be in conversation with the unknown, the emergent, the mystery?

If so, I’d love for you to help me pilot this new course.


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21 Days to Find Your Way Home




Do you yearn for the very real experience of Belonging?

Have you tried to “belong” in the past only to find somehow you lost sight of YOU?

Take a moment to imagine:

You belong, right here, deeply and satisfyingly.
You belong without having to do anything to earn it, that it is not about being pleasing, deserving, or good enough.
You know you are valuable and worthy wherever you are.
You feel welcomed and at home with other women.
Belonging is about being intimately and intricately connected to others and to life.
This experience of belonging changes everything about how you see and live life.

Do you yearn for this very real experience of belonging? If so, this journey is for you.

Next round in early 2016


Writing Raw


A Sensuous, Sacred Writing Circle for Women


Take a moment to imagine…

This realm as a creative cauldron where symbols, images, dreams, feelings, and sensations await your open-hearted receptivity so they can be born through you into this world.

You are here to ‘write’ this mysterious realm into existence.

Something really beautiful happens when you bring the wordless into words. Your words become laced with soul, vessels for the ancient mother tongue that all of life speaks.

In Writing Raw, we turn to go within and then write what we discover. And, we do it in a circle of women. There is no critiquing, no judging, no advice-giving. There is only sharing and acknowledgment, and in this we learn to share and acknowledge ourselves.

Next round in Winter 2016!