Events with Julie

Events with Julie



We must learn to speak the language women speak
when there is no one there to correct us.
~ Hélène Cixous

Time together on retreat. A deep connection to your words, your very self, to new friends. The sweet respite of time to hear your own breath, find your soul’s voice, and to write (and trust) your own heart.


Uniquely designed to help you hear your voice within and learn to trust it.

Writing Raw is Julie’s well-established and powerful course that explores a process for entering your own internal landscape and the sacred space of creating; understanding how to silence your voice of judgment; developing a deep trust in your creativity and voice, and increasing your comfort in reading your words aloud in a circle of women.

SacredWriting is a practice that Ronna has used for many years with her clients (and for herself) – a way of writing that gently and consistently reveals what the soul longs to speak through story, imagination, and deep listening.

In addition to these two processes, we will be generously and openly sharing our own writing – as well as our struggles and challenges – to encourage you and remind you that you are not alone, to help guide you to trust in your own deep well of words that lies within.


Each of us will be changed and transformed, because that’s what ALWAYS happens when we gather as women,and when we trust, listen, and speak our truth.

In addition, this:
A stronger, clearer, and more powerful voice.
Writing tools to support your ongoing practice.
Friendships with other women to last you a lifetime.
Your own writing to look back on and remember…as well as inspire all that is yet to come.


We’ll come together at 6:00 on Friday, Sept 30th, and head home at Noon on Sunday, Oct. 1st after a full and luscious weekend of writing together.

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