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sp15radiancehc1-300$120 – Begins May 1st, 2015

I’m excited to be a teacher for Spectrum, 2015.

Guided by 25 artists, healers and visionaries, Spectrum 2015 is a 6 month online journey celebrating the EMPOWERMENT of creative ritual, the FREEDOM in uninhibited expression, BODY as guide and ally, ART as intuitive oracle and medicine, and NATURE as provider of love, lesson, peace, abundance and belonging.

I will be offering a teaching on ‘How to Enter the Creative Unknown, the Sacred Temple Within’

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Next round will be in 2015

Becoming a Force of Nature:

Embodied Creativity for Women Who Want to Lead, Love, and Live from Within.

This online course is a potent, provocative, and highly practical deep dive into your creative process and your feminine nature. Based on the famed Stanford University course, Creativity in Business, this course has been adapted specifically for women, and enhanced with teachings and exercises to help women come to know their feminine nature and come into wholeness. Registration is now closed. Read more.



The Best of Unabashedly Female is a digital experience, woven out of a rich tapestry of writings, stories, poetry and audio experiences that invite you to live the question of what it is to be female. Written from the experience of one woman living this question, this journey is an experiential voyage of self-discovery and awakening to the sacred feminine within all women, and within all of life.

Within these pages, you’ll read articles on courage, the sensual world, the collective world, authenticity and the realm of the symbolic. I invite you to explore and discover for yourself what the sacred feminine means to you and how she may be appearing in your own life.

A Gift for You

Rise Up & Reclaim! an eBook about One Billion Rising and moving forward as women to create a better world. On February 14th, 2013, women and men from over 180 countries danced in solidarity to help put an end to violence against women and girls. One Billion Rising, a movement created by Eve Ensler, is based on the idea that when women dance, they reclaim the joy of being a woman in a female body. The joy is contagious, and it is a not ‘too’ dangerous way to express the power of womanhood.

Within these pages, I share my experiences on that day, what I shared at the event I co-hosted, and reflections and ideas on moving forward to keep this very important movement alive. I hope you enjoy it and pass it on to your friends, women and men.


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