The Invitation

Yes. You are right. There is a place where you can be you.

With playfullness and intensity.

With a deep and abiding love for life.

With joy and grief, softness and strength.

Without apology.

This place is here. Right here where you are. Right here within you.

And, we must find it together, woman to woman. Find this place of truth and power and love, within these feminine robes of sacredness.

This place invites us in.

Sometimes, to find this place, we must first put the project down – set it all down and let it all go – the ‘trying to be more than’, the ‘fear of being less than’, the attempt to be something other than what you are; the striving, the pushing, the fighting with what is, maybe even the constant barrage of self-judgment, self-loathing, even self-hatred.

Sometimes, to find this place, we must realize that we’ve internalized so many messages that constantly tell us we can’t just simple be ourselves.

Sometimes, we fear our own wildness, our sensuality, our fiery and alluring sexuality.

What if all of this is first and foremost for you, to know yourself wholly and fully unto yourself for you? What if none of it matters until you discover it for you, first?

It is time we come to know ourselves solely unto ourselves, in right relationship with ourselves, so that we can discover what it is to be in right relationship with those we love, those in our lives and the fullness of the world in which we live.

I’d love to guide you as you come to know this place within, this you that you really are, this wholeness that is unabashedly you.

My approach.

How it works.