how it works

How do we become who we already are?

Living unabashedly isn’t about becoming more of anything:

more beautiful
more spiritual
more successful

and it’s not about being less of anything:

less emotional
less angry
less controlling.

It’s not about more training or education.

Then what is it about?

Living unabashedly as you is about revealing the you you already are, the you under the roles you play and the labels you wear. You already are this aware being. The sacred feminine is alive and breathing right inside your body. You are already enough. You are already whole.

No one wins when you cover up your true self with who and what you believe you should be, no one wins. No one.

This is a process of revealing You to You. You may have heard this You calling to you. You may have felt the tug and pull of her, the voice inside that’s been calling to you to wake up. To stop. To be.

This process of revealing is:

  • supported by coming to see the radiant feminine in other women, in nature, in all of life
  • nurtured by sharing your voice, your love with the world around you
  • honored by action that comes from your own intuition and wisdom
  • engaged when you do what you love, really truly love
  • held by the wisdom of your body and by loving self-care.

As women, we’ve been raised and socialized in a masculine-centric world. To know ourselves as fully vibrant women, as the sacred feminine embodied, we can step out from under the shadow of the mascline culture and into the light of who we really are.

Coming to know ourselves not in relation to any other, but wholly as who and what we truly are, allows us to be in relationship in a truly authentic way, with everyone in our lives.