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Coaching at Unabashedly Female:

Julie Daley is a shamaness.
She combines intuition and practical coaching skills to gently elicit her client’s true self. You feel safe, as she expertly guides you on a journey through your deepest fears, confusions, and old stories. Using her profound intuition as a guiding light, she helps you to see your truth glowing through the darkness, and helps you to ease into your darkness, and your light.  ~ Britt Bravo, Big Vision Consulting

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My Coaching Approach

When you put down the heavy pack of conditioning you’ve been carrying, this true you comes alive again. It’s a completely natural, intelligent process. whiteflowerIt doesn’t mean it comes without feeling or risking or stretching, but this you has a natural inclination to feel, to risk, to stretch.

My coaching approach is two-fold:

  • To forward action on the visions, ideas, and intentions in your life, both personal and professional
  • Deepen the learning about who and what you really are

These two aspects of coaching are what I call the Process of Creative Self-Discovery. By taking action you deepen the learning, and when you deepen the learning your action begins to come from a deeper place within you, from the source of your creativity.


The Coaching Process

I always begin with chat, a time just to talk to see if it feels right to work together.

If we decide to work together, I send you a packet of preliminary work to complete prior to our foundation session.

After our foundation session, we begin our monthly calls.


My Coaching Palette:

I’m a CPCC (certified professional co-active coach through Coaches Training Institute).

I’ve studied with numerous creative, conscious people over these years as a coach, so I bring a deep understanding of the awakening process, and can incorporate many different types of coaching and awakening practices into the time we work together. Just a few of these are:

  • CTI’s Co-Active Certified Coach
  • Andrew Harvey and the Institute for Sacred Activism
  • Creativity in Business Certified Instructor (Michael Ray)
  • Awakening Coaching Training (Arjuna Ardagh)
  • True Purpose Coaching (Tim Kelley)
  • Conscious Embodiment (Wendy Palmer)
  • The Hoffman Process – Community Facilitator Training
  • Recovery Coaching (Alida Schuyler)
  • Lynn Barron
  • Adyashanti



Find out more about working with me One-on-One.