Coaching Services

Coaching at Unabashedly Female:

Julie Daley is a shamaness.
She combines intuition and practical coaching skills to gently elicit her client’s true self. You feel safe, as she expertly guides you on a journey through your deepest fears, confusions, and old stories. Using her profound intuition as a guiding light, she helps you to see your truth glowing through the darkness, and helps you to ease into your darkness, and your light.  ~ Britt Bravo, Big Vision Consulting


Coaching Possibilities

The Candlelight Session – One 90-minute Session where we turn inward, listening for that quiet voice within.

One-on-One Coaching – Ongoing coaching for a minimum of three months.

Your Personal Creativity Journey – Coaching you through a Personal Creative Journey, work directly born out of the highly acclaimed Stanford course, Creativity in Business.


My Coaching Approach

When you put down the heavy pack of conditioning you’ve been carrying, this true you comes alive again. It’s a completely natural, intelligent process. It doesn’t mean it comes without feeling or risking or stretching, but this you has a natural inclination to feel, to risk, to stretch.

My coaching approach is two-fold:

  • To forward action on the visions, ideas, and intentions in your life, both personal and professional
  • Deepen the learning about who and what you really are

These two aspects of coaching are what I call the Process of Creative Self-Discovery. By taking action you deepen the learning, and when you deepen the learning your action begins to come from a deeper place within you, from the source of your creativity.


The Coaching Process

I always begin with chat, a time just to talk to see if it feels right to work together.

If we decide to work together, I send you a packet of preliminary work to complete prior to our foundation session.

After our foundation session, we begin our monthly calls.


My Coaching Palette:

I’m a CPCC (certified professional co-active coach through Coaches Training Institute).

I’ve studied with numerous creative, conscious people over these years as a coach, so I bring a deep understanding of the awakening process, and can incorporate many different types of coaching and awakening practices into the time we work together. Just a few of these are:

  • CTI’s Co-Active Certified Coach
  • Andrew Harvey and the Institute for Sacred Activism
  • Creativity in Business Certified Instructor (Michael Ray)
  • Awakening Coaching Training (Arjuna Ardagh)
  • True Purpose Coaching (Tim Kelley)
  • Conscious Embodiment (Wendy Palmer)
  • The Hoffman Process – Community Facilitator Training
  • Recovery Coaching (Alida Schuyler)
  • Lynn Barron
  • Adyashanti


If what I offer interests you, I’d love to schedule a time to talk to see if working together feels right.

You can contact me at: julie (at) unabashedlyfemale dot com