my approach

Everything I offer here at Unabashedly Female is born from this:

When you come to know yourself, who you are not in relation to any other, free of roles and labels, you:

  • No longer apologize for who you are
  • Step into your own authority and sovereignty
  • Reawaken the wise, intuitive, and instinctive feminine aspect that naturally lives in the cells of your female body
  • Reclaim the dark feminine, the transformative nature that is both destroyer and creator, including what are sometimes called the dark emotions
  • Come into balance within, a balance between your internal feminine and masculine qualities.
  • Embody an authenticity that transparently radiates the truth of who you are
  • Make choices that come from your own knowing and wisdom, choices that affirm and make manifest the gift you are here to give

When you know, deep in your heart, deep in your bones, that who and what you are is sacred, beautiful and worthy, you’ve come home to yourself.

Masculine/Feminine and Men/Women

We all, both women and men, have feminine and masculine qualities. Thank goodness! That’s what makes us whole and balanced. When we deny some of these qualities, pushing them down into the shadow, we become out of balance and believe we are not whole.

However, in order to know what it is to be female, we must find some distance from the very male-centric world we’ve lived in our entire lives. In our culture, it can be hard to know our own experience when we’ve been raised to believe that most desirable qualities are masculine and most undesirable qualities are feminine.

A bit of distance, helps us see that we have our own natural way of being, a way that is different than men, and neither better or worse…. it’s simply different. In order to know this, we have to have the opportunity for clear seeing.

When we can see clearly that ‘we are not men’, then we can begin to know what it is to be a woman, and know that being a woman is of great value and is needed in these times.